CSI final piece of a puzzle

By Dannis

With the pictures from Zorro Unmasked dated 17July 09, there are 4 pics showing different bags. There is a possibility that the softer bags were used to cover TBH's body. That could explain why there was no evidence of blood dripping.

When they lowered the body to remove the bags, some blood could have fallen off the bags/body. And this would explain why the blood was parallel to the railing and not flowing towards the middle of the 3’ imprints that were lower.

The last picture at Dr Rafick's that was sent by Kosmo showed there was paint at the bottom of TBH's shoe. The picture shows common wear and tear on the outside of the shoe but there were a lot more paint on the inside of the shoe (sole). The picture was covered by a black patch with the word Kosmo. This area might cover some critical information that the sender did not want us to see.

The shadow underneath the left knee and buttock doesn't make sense and it looks like it had been touched up. Since the picture is believed to be sent by Kosmo/Bernama, my suspicions would probably be the same as yours.

Therefore, I believe his right leg/foot was already broken/shattered when they carried his body to the 5th floor. The bottom of the shoe is now facing outside as when they moved the body, the right leg/foot was loose and dangling and the shoe then hit the wall numerous times before the body was put down. If the yellow patches on the bottom of TBH's shoe are actually paint from the wall, then there is a great likelihood that TBH's body was placed there.