GUILTY: Barisan, Pakatan of too much politicking

Malaysians must stand up to reclaim their rights and refused to be used or swayed as dictated by any politicking personalities from blacks or whites in Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional. Malaysians are not cows that can be shooed here or there by the black or white politicking opportunists.

Aoi Ling, Ho, Malaysian Mirror

top-letter.png• Yasmin Ahmad: Touched the hearts of Malaysians with her ‘1Malaysia’ advertisements and movies. Dead at age 51.

• Teoh Beng Hock: A political idealist in DAP, a political secretary. Dead at age 30.

• Captain Yusof Ahmad ‘The Ancient Mariner’: Former pilot superintendent of the Klang Port Authority, pioneer general manager of West Port, and a blogger, recently stood out in public to make a commitment to help PKFZ issue. Dead at age 64.

• Mokhtar Dahari: One of the best football players in Asia in the 1970s. Dead at age 37 in 1991. Malaysia was never able to produce another legend like Super Mokh since.

We can do nothing to reverse the loss of a human life. What we can aim for however, is to finish a round of life’s marathon ahead of Death. With every tick of the clock that forces lives to move along into the future, we just don’t have the luxury of time to waste to bicker about past injustices or debating on what could have been. There’s no option to get off life’s one way track. The one good news along this journey is that, we can pick from a wide variety of options to empower our lives to be a positive influencer and to exercise the choice to leave some footprints of our brief lifetimes by touching lives of those in our community and motherland.

malaysian-parties.jpgThe current politicking situation is a sad example of a time waster. Deprived of logic, it does nothing but to stir up negative emotions of hate, mistrust complete with noisy sideshows of political sniping and the proverbial stabbing of fellow human beings in the back.

Both Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional members and supporters are equally guilty. You can read about their political ‘representatives’ playing mind games to stir the rakyat’s emotions in the print and online media daily. Check out the socio-political blogs and you will discover a one dimensional worldview of either black or white of which the politicking bloggers are hard selling to the rakyat. If one is not incline to totally agree with the blacks for instance, one is vilified or cursed liberally to kingdom come; vice versa. Psychologically bullied in this way, a majority of the hapless rakyat have been not yet wiser since ‘308’ and still unenlightened on the true intention of the blacks or the whites.

Some right thinking rakyat however, knows there’s a grey overlapping zone between the black and white. Sadly, right thinking rakyat’s voice were dismissed when rakyat tried to reason with the blacks or the whites to refrain from instigating the less informed citizens into a mob to challenge law and order institutions which has been mandated to protect our nation’s sanity from negative hurts.

Granted, there may be some bad hats in government institutions, but it’s not an unusual phenomenon in history, religion, business and society. Mankind has always been seduced with the satan’s lure since time immemorial.

Basic understanding tells us that ‘a man’/men and ‘a government entity’ is not the same. Man can make mistakes, man in government institutions can also make mistakes. Logic will tell us that such cases simply need lawful disciplinary action on evidence of the individual perpetrator’s wrong doing. The foundation for just action, backed up by laws of the country will naturally swing into action, armed with the necessary laws as drafted or updated by Members of Parliament and State Excos.

Extra-curricular activities to deflate, to drive rakyat into frenzies of high emotion over management issues serve to drain away positive life energy of the people.

Malaysians must stand up to reclaim their rights and refused to be used or swayed as dictated by any politicking personalities from blacks or whites in Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional. Malaysians are not cows that can be shooed here or there by the black or white politicking opportunists.

Why should our talents be hijacked by any populist politicians or opportunists who have yet to demonstrate their ability to uphold law and order of Malaysia?

Never, never, never let shallow politicking artists push you to react unthinkingly against the interests of our motherland. No one has the right to vilify us if we decide instead to channel our energy towards generating a mass of positive vibes for the country. A thinking and progressive citizenry are not subservient to orchestrations by any black or white unrealists. Exercise your prerogative to refuse to step backwards with the black or white populists. Move forward with the political realists who will run the marathon with you.

On the tracks, do something with the positive life force you have to motivate, pick up, buddy and mentor everybody you know or come in contact with. 

Perhaps taking a little time to connect with that teenager who is loafing aimlessly or Rempit-ing because he didn’t have that one opportunity of a certification to land a career dreamt about in his childhood? How about gathering a group of confused friends and organize an informal discussion with someone who is better knowledgeable to understand today’s politicking? Can we allow some kind encouragements to inspire and motivate each other to excel in life skills, logic thinking and embrace technology to empower Malaysians for the challenges of the new economic era?

Finally, to all who claim they love Malaysia or a ‘Pembela Negara’, justify it with positive vibes in walking your talk. To those who took action to enable lives and unleash the latent talent of another human being, help to lessen the tears and fears, you are the real champion doing valuable good to replace 1Malaysia’s lost talents with new deposits into the nation’s talent bank.