Blatant Ignorance of One’s Identity

By Ronnie Klassen

The entry of UMNO into Sabah has brought about the emergence of a new "domineering" characteristic that never existed before. Today I'm convinced that the followers of this group have abandoned their original identity and joined the corridors of power – of greed, corruption and racial discrimination.



From a multicultural and multi-religious nature, Sabah today has become an egoistic and insecure unequal partner of Malaysia. The Federal Government has managed to convince Sabahans and Sarawakians that Sabah and Sarawak are mere states of Malaysia. In the words of UMNO/BN, both States are "fixed deposits” as far as securing their continued dominance in Parliament is concerned. Believe it or not that is the reality of the situation.

In the words of the Minister of Rural and Regional Development cum Vice President of UMNO,"Struggling for a race's rights is not racial; it is our responsibility as Malays to help our community”. Let us examine who is Datuk Shafie Apdal (pic left) by first asking him to explain to Sabahans, the Bajau community in particular (who are certainly not Malays) to clearly and accurately state his stand. Is he a Bajau or a Malay? Can he qualify and quantify the Malays in Sabah? Or can Musa Aman who is by all accounts a Pakistani or Masidi Manjun a Dusun actually abandon their race and now proclaim themselves as Malays?

Never before in Sabah, and many will testify to that, did segregation ever exist. It irks me to see a once peaceful Sabah where race and religion was never a consideration for friendship, has now evolved into a state of racists and extremists. What is the price that one ultimately has to pay, if this pernicious doctrine is embraced by many?