Teach kids to accept diversity’

(NST) KUALA LUMPUR: Children must be educated on the importance of the country’s history and heritage so they can accept the diversity which exists in society, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, wife of the prime minister, said yesterday.


She said national unity was based on the acceptance that differences should be viewed as an asset and not a liability.

“Education at all levels must seek to imbue a genuine and sincere understanding of the process of co-existence and mutual respect which has been prevalent in our society since independence.

“The ideas of our leaders must be clearly and imaginatively conveyed to our children. In the United States for example, long after its independence, there are exhibitions, talks and shows to remind children of the national goals and beliefs.”

Rosmah said this in her speech at the launching of the “Seed of the Future” programme organised by the Sri Murugan Centre at Universiti Malaya.

She said non-governmental organisations, citizen groups, agencies and government bodies were working to ensure a bright future for the generations to come.

“In developing the minds of the young, we should inculcate positive and progressive ideas. The nation’s top leadership is committed to building a united nation where no one is left behind or marginalised.

“It is a journey which we must all embark together.
“The destination is a developed nation which has a bright future for everyone and to achieve this, we must share the vision of our leaders.”

Rosmah said parents played an important role in determining the future of their children.

“As a parent myself, I share the feeling that there is no greater joy for parents than to see your child being successful in life “I recognise and am sympathetic that children now face more distractions and challenges than before. “However, the values, attitude, skills and discipline that our parents taught us should be passed on to our children,” she added.