Police to investigate anonymous blog about Teoh

(NST) SHAH ALAM: Police are set to investigate a blog containing allegations of abuse of funds by several Selangor executive councillors.


State police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar confirmed receiving two reports yesterday which will now be investigated under the Communications and Multimedia Act.

Police will be probing the identity of the blogger who posted the allegations on the Internet.

"We will also attempt to ascertain the authenticity of the documents which were posted on the blog and probe into where it came from."

The reports yesterday were lodged by state executive councillors Ean Yong Hian Wah and Ronnie Liu, together with Liu's special assistant Wong Chuan Chow.

Ean Yong, who was the late Teoh Beng Hock's boss, said the three articles posted on http://t4tbh.-blogspot.com/ were based on false information.

The less than a week-old anonymous blog had also come up with a new conspiracy theory on Teoh's death and described him as an unwilling participant in a scandal involving top politicians in the state.

The postings in the blog also claimed that Teoh did not like what was happening but was forced to be involved by Ean Yong and Liu.

It also named Wong as the recipient of 83 projects amounting to more than RM200,000 in the Sungai Pelek constituency in Sepang.

"There are certain quarters trying to avoid being held responsible for Teoh's death by confusing the public.

"The allegations are not true as Teoh never worked for Liu and was not involved with the allocation for Sungai Pelek," Ean Yong said before lodging a joint police report with Liu yesterday.

Liu, who earlier said he would not lodge a police report and doubted if the blogger would ever be hauled up, said he changed his mind after being advised by DAP's top leadership.

"I do not trust the police but my friends in DAP said my political enemies will twist this by saying I don't have the guts to face the police."

He also rebutted the allegations on the blog, saying that the documents were doctored as the details of all public spending were recorded and came with photographs.

Liu also claimed that the blogger had doctored details from his blog (www.colour-blind.org), which was posted in January, to portray DAP leaders as corrupt.

Ipoh Timor member of parliament Lim Kit Siang has also come out in defence of Liu and Ean Yong with documents of their expenses.