My appeal to all Malaysians

I therefore submit below my suggestions to start a silent protest against the BN   government  Perhaps readers can express their views and perhaps all concerned parties can take note.

Concerned Doctor

Our country Malaysia is saturated with disillusionment and disgust. People are tired of the government with its total misuse of the government institutions for its own vested interests. Our BN representatives, the various national institutions that includes, the police, the MACC, the judiciary have lost its moral and ethical duties towards the citizens. Nobody seems to be interested in the people’s welfare rather in their own interests inspite of knowing fully well that it is the people who are paying for the maintenance and upkeep of every single one of these institutions.

I therefore submit below my suggestions to start a silent protest against the BN   government  Perhaps readers can express their views and perhaps all concerned parties can take note.

  1. Ignore all BN MP’s in total. Don't bother to greet them even if you meet them face to face. Treat them with disdain as if they did not exist. Don't invite them for anything be it to a  wedding, or a funeral or a birthday or for any formal functions.. If you happen to encounter a BN MP then just address them as Inche or Puan and not YB. Don't even attempt to shake hands with them. What for ? Don't soil your own hands.
  1. Start wearing black clothings at all times be it for a visit to the shopping centres, the pubs or entertainment outlets or to the offices for work. The BN government may pretend not to bother but there will come a time when they will begin to feel it, the people’s anger and distrust.
  1. Stop going to the police station to lodge any police reports. Instead you may want to go to the BN ADUN’S  office and lodge the same report and let them handle the problem. Let us see if they will bother to act.
  1. Stop visiting any service outlets where they charge service charges as this is to go to the government coffers. If you go anywhere first ask if there are service charges involved. If there is then just walk out and go to those where they don't charge any.
  1. Stop taking any loans from financial institutions that are allegedly involved with the Government or where  any BN MP is involved. Or better still stop taking any loans altogether till the concerned financial institution sends the rakyat’s message to the government.
  1. Stop buying cars as we all know our cars are heavily taxed and these taxes goes to the government coffers. If possible start using cycles to work. At least then the government would know that something is not right.  Right now we can all shout and scream but no one from the government seem to bother. When people begin to protest then all they do is to send in our police force funded by we the tax payers and harm us the protestors.
  1. If you want to travel overseas then stop using MAS. Instead use either AIR ASIA or any other airlines.
  1. If you want to buy petrol then stop using Petronas petrol. Use any other petrol stations.
  1. If you need to pay your utility bills like water/electricity or telephone then stop paying them promptly. Wait till the last day and then pay so that at least your utilities are not disconnected. Don't let them enjoy your money in advance.
  1. Our comedy courts have turned out to be stooges of this comedy government. They have started using the judiciary to serve their vested interests. Perhaps Malaysians should stop using the judiciary for any intents and purposes. Lawyers should also start disusing the courts till the judicial wrongs are stopped. Till then start advising your clients not to use the courts as this has become the court of injustice. Read the next as to how the bar can help.
  1. The Malaysian bar should start their own parallel ‘mock’ judicial sessions. Let the mock sessions hear cases and the mock judge’s judgements could be used to embark on out of court settlements for their clients. Stop going to courts once and for all till it has been set in place for true justice for all.  The bar council should seriously consider all avenues possible to stop the judicial rot before our comedy courts become a national ridicule. The bar council could also set up ‘mock’ sessions to conduct parallel court proceedings even where anwar’s sodomy charges are involved. Select some of the retired to act in these mock trials and let there by written judgements issued and let us see how it differs from the court’s judgment.  
  1. Stop buying our newspapers that are exclusive government agents of disinformation. Use your own discretion and do what is right for the country. Stop advertising in any of these government controlled newspapers for any advertisements be it jobs or sale of properties or any intents and purposes. Start using neutral and unbiased web sites for advertising purposes. Malaysiakini or Malaysia-today could be a good options. Have you ever noticed that if you have a problem that is highlighted by MP’s or ADUN’S other than BN it will never be published by these papers patronized by the BN government. So the best is just ignore them. I saw this glaring observation when our community invited our MP who is from PKR to resolve a problem with the developers but not one newspaper reporter turned up except the Chinese press.  The press conference was called by the MP himself but none turned up except the Chinese press. Why should we waste our money subscribing to these wretched newspapers month after month year after year when they have lost all journalistic ethics and decency.
  1. Stop viewing our local TV networks that are blatant government mouth pieces. Our business community should stop advertising their products or services through the local TV networks. They have become a sham media. What a shame.
  1. Stop wearing our national costumes for the present. Stop wearing batiks. Instead go for alternative costumes. All our Malay, Chinese and Indian brethren should be encouraged to do so. For all official functions simply stick to lounge suits.  Why national costumes? Because when the BN government has shown total disrespect to anything Malaysian ie we the Malaysians then it is time we refrain from anything Malaysian till the BN recognizes the need for this inherent right to respect anything Malaysian.