Press Statement by HINDRAF

Hindraf has always been a PR supporter. We called on the people to overwhelmingly come out in support of the PR in the last GE. Why did we do this?

We did this because we wanted to see positive changes in the socio-economic policies of the country affecting Indian Malaysians. A critical problem has developed in the Indian community due to the neglect of the preceding 50 years by the UMNO regime. If left without any state intervention we will see a further and accelerating deterioration of the status of the Indian community.

The changes we are expecting should address the core issues. which we have articulated untold times. The change we are expecting should be holistic – not piecemeal changes. Piecemeal actions do nothing other than to give a semblance of action . The reality however continues to deteriorate. The facts speak for themselves – crime rate, suicide rate, incidence of poverty, urban slums, alcoholism, drug abuse, single parents, citizens without proper documentation, children without birth certificates, rising unemployment and a host of other problems. – a progressively deteriorating socio-economic status for the Indians as a whole in our country.

So far, in the 5 PR states we see only a continuation of these same approaches of the last 50 years. The PR governments have not got it all.