PKR welcomes SS Subramaniam and his supporters

SUara Keadilan) – Former MIC vice-president SS Subramaniam has joined Parti Keadilan Rakyat, bringing with him at least 2,500 members from 10 MIC branches within Petaling Jaya and Meru, Klang.

Subramaniam is the second senior BN politician to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat after former Health Minister and MCA vice president Jimmy Chua Jui Meng made the switch a week ago.

The 72-year old Indian leader made the announcement at a grand function held in Petaling Jaya on Saturday that was attended by PKR top brass including Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Said Anwar: “I’ve been receiving good news since last week. First, Jui Meng joined us and the MCA ship is already sinking because of it. Now together as one big Malaysian family, we should fight for the rights of every race in this country.”

Subramaniam was the former Bukit Raja assemblyman and Member of Parliament for Segamat, Johor. He was also the former parliamentary secretary for the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

“I have been supporting PKR and its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim’s policies for a long time, but it’s only now that I have the guts to say that I am joining the party,” Subramaniam said in a speech.

“I know that my defection will come under heavy fire from MIC president Samy Vellu but I think all current BN policies are going backward 20 years and they only benefit certain people.

“What I want is for the people to move forward to further development and I believe PKR will lead me to that dream.”

His brother SS Streram, who is an MIC branch leader in Seri Sentosa, will also be joining PKR. And so will MIC Pekan Meru branch leader AR Palaya, who is expected to bring along hundreds of grassroots supporters.