This Country Has Gone Bonkers!

By Khoo Kay Peng

I am amused and amazed that a new blog, operated by an anonymous, was given a prominent coverage by our newspapers – both online and print. The blog alleges that it was DAP which killed Teoh.

As a concerned Malaysian, I would like to urge the anonymous blogger to do the right thing if he/she has the evidence. Why hide in anonymity? If the blogger is sincere, he/she should help us to seek justice for Teoh and his loved ones. If it is true that DAP was the culprit, we should know what to do with the party.

If this anonymous blogger fails to identify himself/herself in the next 24 hours, then I can safely say that this nation has gone bonkers! News agencies which have given a prominence to this story should review their own reporting standards.

Next, I am equally amused with MIC and its hypocrisy. The party has asked the Penang state government to allow it to purchase the Kampung Buah Pala land (for RM3.2 million) so that it can be returned to the villagers. How noble! But MIC Prai assemblyman Dr K. Rajapathy was a state executive member in 2005 when the land was sold off to a cooperative. Why didn't MIC protest the transaction?

The company, Nusmetro, has threatened to sue the state government for RM150 million if the state invokes the relevant legal provisions to recover the land from the company. Is MIC willing to take a sole responsibility for the possible compensation too if the state is found liable?

I would like to remind both Samy Vellu and the current chief minister that the people of Penang should not be forced to pay for the folly of politicians.