No documents for Anwar, next sodomy hearing Sept 2

(Suara Keadilan) – As expected, the Kuala Lumpur High Court on Friday granted the prosecution a stay of an earlier order to hand over key information requested by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is facing sodomy charges he says were fabricated by Prime Minister Najib Razak to kill his political career.

The court also fixed Sept 2 to Anwar’s application to strike out sodomy charges.

Anwar was denied access to key information needed by his lawyers to prepare his defence. On July 16, High Court judge Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah granted him access to most of the information he requested but stopped short at vital DNA sample.

Nevertheless, the prosecution is unhappy with the ruling and has appealed. It also requested for a stay of the order until the appeal proper is heard.

With the latest stay, the  prosecution will no longer need to comply with the court’s deadline to furnish Anwar the documents until its appeal is heard.

The opposition leader has complained that the appeal was a delaying tactic by the prosecution, which he accuses of being part of the political conspiracy to bring him down.