Caning and Being a Hypocrite

By K. Naidu

I refer to the recent caning of the model who drank beer. I am all praises to the authorities for upholding the law. However, I would like to remind the authorities that if they want to uphold the law, please do so completely. Do not make one victim a scapegoat whilst thousands of others get away scot free.

It is no hidden secret that if one goes to any pub, club, disco, bar, dangdut, one can see countless Muslims drinking away. Why isn't the authorites doing something about this? Don't these people also deserve to be caned?

Also, walk into any 4 digit gambling outlet any time of the day and the authorities can definitely catch a Muslim punting or gambling despite a huge warning on the wall of the shops which state, "Judi adalah salah di sisi Islam".

Walk into those 4 digit gambling shops during peak hours, around 6pm to 7pm and one can see beelines of Muslims buying and punting numbers. Why aren't the authorities doing anything about this? Surely these people also need to be caned.

To make matters worse, during Bulan Puasa, one can see the same beeline of Muslims punting their numbers. And everyone knows that during Bulan Ramadhan, it is dosa 10 kali ganda.

But sadly, the authorities don't do anything about this.

So why have the authorities come down hard on this model who drank beer? Like I said earlier, if you want to uphold the law, fine and good. But please don't be a hypocrite and just catch one or two people and make a mockery of the laws of the country. If the authorites want to uphold the law, do so completely and with dedication.

I am quite confident that despite this article being published, our discos, pubs, clubs, dangduts and bars will still be filled with Muslims, amongst the many other races. And the same applies to the 4 digit gambling shops. This is because, in Malaysia, we have a habit of not only forgetting fast, but also a problem with upholding any laws passed. One good example is the back seat safety belt law. See how fast people have forgotten it, despite the authorites talking big initially about enforcing the law strictly and imposing heavy fines on those who do not adhere to it.

So, I appeal to the enforcement officers and people who uphold the law; if you are sincere about upholding the law, do so with full dedication and with frequent checks. As to the alcohol and gambling issues I mentioned above, you don't even need raids to catch people. Just walk in any time of the day, and you'd be able to at least catch a few hundred people per day.

So I need to ask, are you all sincere or are you all a bunch of hyprocrites?