Royal Commission anouncement is a CONJOB! Established only to investigate “MACC procedures

By Nat Tan

I was talking to Tricia Yeoh (whose moving personal account re: Teoh Beng Hock touched me personally as a former employee in the same industry they were both in) who pointed out a huge conjob which I now see is appearing throughout the blogosphere.

The Royal Commission announced is NOT to investigate Teoh’s death!!

It’s scope will be limited to the interrogation methods used by the MACC.

Teoh’s death will only be the subject of an inquest headed by a magistrate, which as Jeff pointed out, is but a low ranking officer of the world famous Malaysian Judiciary (incidentally still tainted despite the last Royal Commission).

So, this is the best “justice” that Najib has to offer to Teoh’s family, his fiancee, and his unborn child??

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