It is not the fault of Mahathir, it is our own making

By R. Shan  (Human Being)

Sure, condemn me with, "What can I do? I am just one person and everything is controlled by the government" although it is the public that put them in power. 

Imagine, I just counted the number of “agree’ on the comments on Mahathir’s article in MT’s website and it was on or about 3,700. It is fascinating how much hatred and deep rooted frustration lies within the so called educated commentors. Well, I am sure many more would have read the article and not leave a comment. Anything on Mahathir tops even RPK’s article sometimes.

I found this to be the most intriguing comment

written by Admiral Tojo, July 21, 2009 10:59:46

Mahathir's rambling could be due to excessive heart medication. Malaysia is NOT suffering from a race issue but a CLASS issue. The poor and downtrodden against the corrupt and those who abuse their powers to steal and cheat the common people. THe state of the majority of the Malays are due to the failure of UMNO. The Chinese due to the failure of the MCA and Indians the failure of MIC. The class of people whom I call thieves cut across the race divide. They however will use the race issue to continue to divide the people so that they can assert control and continue to assert control.

As the people wake up and becomes more aware of issues and information is available, the ranting of these thieves sound more and more shallow and irrelevant. The people will have to decide what is best for them and not the politicians (those whom the people select and entrust). Treat them as who they really are, the people's servants rather than the people's bosses.

It was the freedom fighters, the common people, who led the drive for Independence from the Brits and NOT UMNO. Mahathirs twisted history is full of lies. UMNO was not even created yet when the first cry for independence from the Brits was heard.

Mahathir, go die peacefully and soon, so that I can piss on your grave. Bollocks


Don’t you think it is so true? Actually there is no race issue between Malaysians but more a class issue. Admiral Tojo can be an ordinary man, but wise in his perception. Whether he is an elite, middle class or poor does not matter, his heart is in place to fight a Malaysian cause for all, I presume. You see, a poor man can’t afford to rant because he has no time except for his survival. The middle class person is always caught up with material issues but rants in the little time he/she finds – in frustration with the system and way of life in Malaysia. But someone like Admiral Tojo has been through the gravy route and realizes that commoners have been short changed by the elites due to our own inaction.

Mahathir’s innuendo on the Chinese is completely choreographed and stereotyped for we are so predictable in our nature, bogged down in our own quagmire. Mahathir speaks the truth now, not then because it served his own purpose to divide and rule based on race and in the process created a class of the elite, middle class and poor. That has been his modus operandi. He fails to understand this, but seeing the commentary on his article on MT, I understand why he is still a dark force to be reckoned with for those who have no outlet to voice their frustration except through MT. The disparity is so obvious these days similar to America where 300 million people live but 1% owns 40% of the wealth.        

Now, how do we change this? Yes it can be only be if we are humane enough to forego some aspects of our ego and selfishness to enhance the society with direct and open discussion of the class reality of the Malaysian society. We all know Mahathir created this, why cry over spilt milk, let’s move on and do what is necessary to create a truly Malaysian state if every individual can do what it takes.    

It does not matter whether BN is in power or the opposition is in power, but we need to feel humane enough to do the right thing and put it to action, rather than polticking. A simple example that just strung into my mind, you have 3,700 agree commentors in Malaysia Today for Mahathir’s article. Such ranting, such frustration!!!! Is it possible for these people to actually talk to 10 other people individually and convince them that we should register to vote if they could influence these 10 people to change the government in the GE13. Imagine, if these 10 good friends of yours are convinced, don’t you think that it can multiple, similar to a MLM scheme only that it serves for the betterment of our society rather than making money.

Do we have the time, is it fruitful, or would it be a futile attempt? If you have to ask all these questions, then better to stick with Mahathir. I can’t answer that as it is one’s own truthful effort to make the change. I guess the less political you become for a human cause, the more you will realize how desperately the political system responds – in the pretext of concern for the public. Its responses are superficial and don't address the needs of the needy and aspirations of the working people.           

People may think I sound cynical and critical, but I speak the truth for humanity in Malaysia. Only when we chose to act without any expectation, will Malaysia be what it should be. We, the people, are a force to be reckoned with. With the right thoughts and momentum, we should not let it slip by, not for our own needs but the need of the community. If the community is well, we will all be well.    

Our efforts, irrespective of our race, religion, color or class, to find truth will pave the way for us – only if we chose to act with a tinge of socialism. Do find some time to enhance this. I am not asking to sacrifice your life, but be truthful and make the effort by action if we want to see the change. You have been shown the path through RPK, HINDRAF, and it is up to us to act and educate those around us. It is a class war, not one that concerns race, in Malaysia.  

Dear commentors, what is your take on this. Be constructive and contribute, not the typical me, me and me. We all face the same problem of “me” as a community. That was the past, now let’s evolve for the revolution of the people, for the community on the basis of humanity that we live in rather than being such egoist pricks. Couldn’t help it with “egoist pricks” because we fail to see humanity for own needs and not of the humanity for the community as a whole.        

People Power is Powerless, Power to the People! Just imagine and act upon it and you will see the change that you seek for the community that you live in.