The Death of Malaysia


I am sure the sheer mention of MACC and the police are enough to bring tough men to their knees. Doesn’t it bring back memories of the Gestapo in Germany? The Suharto administration in Indonesia? Where “problems” are not solved but “erased”? 

It saddened me to write this letter thinking of the pain and suffering Teoh Boon Hock’s family has to endure. It sickened me to see what our beloved Malaysia has become. The death of TBH is the final nail in the coffin for Malaysian democracy.

In this age of cyber space, it would not be difficult for growing up children to understand and appreciate that chivalry and patriotism doesn’t pay, that corruption and power does. Gone will be the memories of my childhood movies that heroes always prevail in the end. I have never been so hopeless before thinking about the restless souls of Kugan, TBH, and the C4 girl, the list goes on. Who says crime never pays? In Malaysia, it does. Look at the mansions of our corrupt leaders and it will tell you that it pays to be corrupt, incorrigible and ruthless in Malaysia.

It sends a chill down my spine thinking what Malaysia will be like in years to come if this tide of capitalism is not stopped. I dread to think what my children will write in their school work for “My ambition”. Hoping it will not be policeman for wanting god-like power and money, or politician for wanting of palace-like mansions and the power to summon winds and lightning.

Let’s stop this rot and bring Malaysia back to its glory days where all Malaysians are just plain Malaysians, not Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc. Let’s send those who wield the power to summon winds and lightning back to where they rightfully belong, the core of the earth where all scumbags should belong.