My CSI Findings Part III

After the first two write ups and further reading and observation of the various statements by several individuals in the media, I believe the police findings may not vary very much with what I have wrote.

The IGP press statement after meeting Najib at KLIA indicated that the investigation is almost complete and they are expected to submit their report to the AG Chambers very soon.

2. The conclusion of the last 2 days of internet research and photographic evaluation has led us to the following conclusion.

a) TBH died while he was in the MACC custody and it is quite certain that he had exited the MACC office via the window at the 14th floor. Chemistry department confirmation would merely be a formality.
b) The police has confirmed that TBH did not leave at 345 a.m. and TBH personal belongings like wallet, P1 hand phone and his backpack was still in the possession of MACC until it was given to the police 2 days later.
c) It was also reported that TBH died about 4-5 hours before he was found. I had disagree on this issue
d) Another DAP member by the name of Tan mentioned that he met TBH at the Pantry (or toilet) at about 6 am in the morning on the 16th July 2009
e) No definitive official statement has come out to indicate whether he had died before exiting the window or he died on impact.

3. I was kind of disturbed about the actual time TBH was last seen by Tan. I decided to place a few phone calls to establish the fact. From a reliable source that claims that has spoken to Tan personally, I was informed that Tan did not look at the time when he met TBH.

4. He asked TBH how the interrogation went through but TBH did not respond. He just made a humming sound which Tan could indicate its meaning. TBH was reported to be in a somber mood. What does that mean, I am not too sure. I guess someone who do not have enough sleep and has been awake the whole night was place under a lot of pressure, must not be in a very good mood.

5. I tried to piece the time Tan met TBH and according to my source, when Tan left a short while later the sun was brightly coming up. He had estimated the time based the sun. I checked the time for sunrise in Shah Alam for the last few days. The sun is up at about 549pm.

6. Assuming that by the time Tan came out from the building, it was about 5.49-5.55 a.m., I estimate that Tan saw TBH at about 530am. This means that TBH was indeed alive at 5.30am. This is about 8 hours before he was found dead.

7. If we go by the police pathologist estimate that he died about 5 hours before he was found, that would mean it is about be about 8.30 a.m. I had estimated that the time of death to be at least 6 hours which would lead to about before 7.30 a.m.

8. Based on the information that I have described, it appears that Tan died at about 6.00 a.m. At that time, in Shah Alam the sun is just coming up, children preparing to go to schools, guards would probably still snoozing and traffic volume on the road is small but building up slowly.

9. As I had theorized earlier, he died in the MACC office. His body was thrown out by one or maximum of two people out of the window to make it look like a suicide from the 9th floor but there is mounting evidence against suicide theory.