Letter to the Distinguished Advisory Members of the MACC

Written by Dr. Lim Teck Ghee, Director CPI

Dear Honorable Men and Women of the MACC advisory board, committee and panels,

A young and promising life was snuffed out too early and in the most unacceptable and suspicious of circumstances.  It happened under your watch in the MACC.

I am not sure whether you are fully aware of the extent of public outrage that this tragic death has provoked.  It is an outpouring which cuts across all groups and communities.

Much of this outpouring has been expressed over the blogs and websites.  As usual, the mainstream media has not fully reported on the public revulsion and anger.

Just as important to note is that many Malaysians have lost faith in the MACC.  It is not only the MACC that they have no confidence in.  It is also the so-called watchdog advisory board, committees and panels – which you are all members of – that the public has expressed strong and negative feelings towards.

I myself have lost faith with the MACC and I must also declare here, with the advisory bodies which you are members of.

I know some of you personally – a few for many years now.  Because you are honorable people and had good intentions when you agreed to serve, I strongly feel that the only way for you to redeem that lost honor and integrity when Teo Beng Hock died under the custody of the MACC, is for you all to resign en bloc.

I know that it may prove difficult for you to resign all alone by yourself given the long and vindictive reach of our political authorities in dealing with individual dissent.

But as a group, that decision to resign should be a lot easier.

Not only will you redeem that lost honor and integrity when you resign but your decision will – in my view – impact positively on the political consciousness of the nation at large.