My CSI findings II

After the release of the first part of my investigative findings on TBH death which is based on the information in public the domain, it appears that what I have been postulating so far seems to fall into place.

With the trickling information from Selangor Police Chief and other readers, I believe we (me and my blog readers) would probably solve the first part of the mystery ahead of the police revelation.

2. I believe we are the first to postulate that TBH actually fell from height (possibly the MACC office) and first to highlight the relevancy of the torn pants on the motionless body and the possibility that the pants was caught in the window latch that leads it to a big tear.

3. Before moving forward, let us look at some of the confirm facts that we have established based on the information available online. Among others this includes:

a) The police has confirmed that based on CCTV recording, TBH went to MACC office at about 515pm on the 15th July 2009
b) There is no evidence on CCTV that he had actually left the building at anytime between the 15th and the 16th July 2009 until his body was discovered at 130pm by a “janitor”. This means that at no point in time that TBH had left the building.
c) Information on this janitor and how he/she found this body is still not clear. It is really intriguing to know what the janitor was doing at that hour where the body was found.
d) The police have confirmed that he fell through the window of the 14th floor (MACC office) and landed on the roof of the 5th floor podium.
e) They have confirmed that a piece of the window latch was found near the body and a matching broken latch was found in MACC office.
f) There is a contradicting statement by Dato’ Shukri Abdul with regards to the time TBH was questioned. The CCTV showed that he entered the building at 515pm. I assume it would take him at least 15 minutes to go up and get himself ready for questioning. I believe the questioning started at 530pm.
g) Dato Shukri also said that TBH was released after 345 am but he chose to stay behind. This is kind of unusual. The fact is that no one in a right frame of mind would want to stay in such a place after an intense interrogation. If indeed he was released then why is that MACC is holding on to his Hand phone? It appears that the officers at MACC has not been truthful.

4. In my theory, TBH died in the custody of MACC. This is not disputable as it is now confirmed that he “left the MACC office” via the 14th floor window. The issue now is how was his condition when he left the building? Was he dead, unconscious or alive?