MAJAPS Statement

By Datuk Lawrence Thien, Hon.Secretary, Majlis Jaksa
Jaksa Pendamai Sabah (Majaps)


We strongly condemn and deeply regret the death of Teoh Beng Hock, a special aide to a Selangor Executive Councillor in the building which houses the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC). This tragedy should not have occurred especially now that the MACC have three overseeing committees, members of which are appointed for their integrity and who are paid no mean monthly allowance from taxpayers’ money.

It is all very well for calls of impartial investigation into the said death by setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry but the overseers should take responsibility as this tragedy happened in the course of MACC investigations. While the MACC may not be the cause of Teo’s death there was dereliction of duty by all in MACC for failing to ensure proper procedures and the safety of a witness while undergoing questioning by MACC’s officers. In such case the overseers, especially the members of the main committee (Anti – Corruption Advisory Board) should take the honorable step to resign as they are persons of integrity and justice to empathize with the grieving family of the deceased by showing their deep concern and regret in the matter and their strong condemnation of the incident to restore public confidence in MACC.