Dear Tun

By Simon Templar

Dear Tun M,

I hope that this open letter reaches you in the pink of health.

(I am writing this letter in a casual manner and I hope that you will excuse my ignorance of protocols here).

I have always, among my friends and relatives, openly declare that I am a ‘Tun supporter’. I may be but two fifth your age but I pride myself with the knowledge of your personal development from Lorong Kilang Ais to The Mines Resort. As an urban resident, without you Tun, there will not be the luxury and comfort that we are able to enjoy today. But many shallow Malaysians take this for granted.

Many do not agree with your actions and policies implemented during your tenure as our Prime Minister. They are wrong. They are ignorant. There are merits in your every policies. What the general public does not understand is that to move the country forward, there will have to be sacrifices.

I do not fault you for implementing policies that benefit the Malays. Anyone who calls you a racist is a nincompoop. They only need to look at your circle of friends and confidantes to know the truth. To carry the nation forward, the Malays being the largest population of our nation has to be made the catalysts. And hence your policies to improve the Malays financially, economically and socially. Fine by me.

But I know, and you know, that regardless of how noble your plans and policies are, they did not work. And this isn’t going to change. Instead, a group of monstrous, greedy and corrupted Malay elitists have been created. The true Malays, the general Malays, are falling further and further behind by the day.

The Malaysian Chinese will never be affected by whatever policies the government of the day implements – they are excellent survivors. And oh how you envy them.

The Indians have been poor and will continue to be poor. And so are the non-Malay bumiputeras.

Tun, it is now time to re-evaluate your Grand Plan.

UMNO is now an incurable disease. I know that you know that. And I know that you know that you are helpless in trying to rectify the situation. UMNO will not change from within – not with its spread of long evil tentacles springing from the top echelon down to the warlords and little ketua-ketua at the so-called grassroot level. Is there really such a thing as the ‘grassroot supporters’ of UMNO today anyway?

UMNO is killing the Malays. And along with that the rest of Malaysians. To help the Malays and all Malaysians, UMNO will now have to be the sacrifice.

Malaysia is now a failed state.

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