Samy: Too many Indian parties around

(Malaysian Mirror) SEREMBAN – MIC president S Samy Vellu today said having many Indian-based political parties could cause the community to be split.

He said he took a serious view of the matter and urged the government to be careful when approving such new parties.

"The MIC is having a programme to unite the Indian community, such developments are not healthy for the community so I urge the political parties to work with us," Samy Vellu told reporters after officiating the 63rd Negeri Sembilan MIC delegates convention here Sunday.

He however was confident that the Indian community would support the MIC given that the party was established for 63 years.

samy.jpg"Many Indians meet me about problems and this is proof that the MIC is still relevant and can look after the interests of the Indians," he said.

To date there are about six Indian-based parties, namely the MIC, the Indian Progressive Front, the Malaysian Indian United Party, the Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party, the Malaysian Indian Democratic Action Front (Mindraf) and the Parti Hak Asasi Manudia.

Indian support back to BN

Samy admitted that a small number of Indians alleged that the MIC did not look after the interests of Indians with problems.

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