Fact Twister

By Horizonline

Teoh Beng Hock is “worth more to us alive than dead”. This is not what I say, this is what the MACC official said to NST. Before I comment further, allow me to say MACC is “worth more to us Malaysians dead than alive”. 

Now please take a look at this shit:

MACC: No Conspiracy Behind Teoh's Death

Just the facts:

·         A thief will never admit that he is the thief that stole 12 billion ringgit from us.

·         A murderer will never admit that he is the murderer of one innocent pregnant young lady.

·         A rapist will never admit that he is the rapist of one innocent underaged girl.

·         MACC will never admit that they know something about Teoh's death, even though his body was found lying dead just beside their building. Did I mention that they don't have any CCTV installed in the building?

·         The existence of MACC is just a freaking joke. (ex-PM? You read this?)

I don't want to be too personal on this issue as I don't know much about Teoh and that MACC official. What I know is Teoh was found dead beside the MACC building, just one day before his marriage. If you are a human being, I'm sure that you too will be outraged by this.

How irresponsible can this MACC official get? Do you think that it was appropriate for him to give this kind of comment? If he too, suffered the same fate as Teoh's family – losing his own child – can he say the same thing, can he?

“First and foremost. Teoh was a witness, not a suspect.” They clearly said this, mind you. Yes, Teoh was a witness. He was not a suspect, I agree. He did not get handcuffed too. Good, why would an innocent witness get handcuffed? It doesn't make any sense. Oh, did I mention that MACC took his statement starting from 5pm to 3.45 am the next day? Now this is ridiculous. 10 hours of questioning? Fuck MACC.

Now before I get too personal, let's talk about something else. Please read this. Apparently, our MSM is starting to sweat over this issue. They even suggest that there is an agenda to weaken Malay-controlled institutions such as the PDRM, the judiciary and whatnot.

To be short, they mean the opposition is politicising the issue.

Now, let's get this clear. First, the investigations in Selangor by MACC is purely political. It means that Teoh's death is a political death. Second, it is natural for the opposition to counter it by using political means. After all, one of their comrades has died. It means war.

BN chaps sure are quick to twist the facts. They don't want us to speculate anything about Teoh's death. They want us to trust them by reading their newspapers. They don't want us to trust what we read in the Internet, especially Malaysia-Today. After all, Malaysia-Today always lies to the readers.

They want us to do this and that, but have they ever done anything that really satisfy us? We just want a country free of corruption. We just want a fair judiciary. We just want equal treatment. We just want to live in peace. Have they ever given that? Or can they?

Teoh, please rest in peace.

We just need to change.

This is only my personal opinion. If somebody felt offended, sorry.