Politics & Morality: Can They Co-exist?

By Horizonline

Politics and morality will never the same. A government must have both to stay firm on the ground. What we see right now in our government is obvious. They don't care about morality anymore; politics is the most important thing to them.

Just the Facts:

·         Politics mean (I) the art or science of government; (II) the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy; (III) the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government. (merriam-webster)

·         Morality means (I) of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behaviour; (II) expressing or teaching a conception of right behaviour; (III) conforming to a standard of right behaviour; (IV) sanctioned by or operative on one's conscience or ethical judgment; (V) capable of right and wrong action. (merriam-webster)

While politics is important to make sure the nation is under control, our government should not put too much weight on it. If they put too much emphasis only for the sake of politics, they will eventually be doomed.

Take corruption for example. As we all know, corruption is a deadly poison to any nation. History proved it all. Qing Dynasty was destroyed. Why? Corruption. Will Malaysia eventually be the same? I don't know.

Corruption, while it is really wrong to just anyone, to politicians (I mean Malaysian politicians), it sounds politically (al)right. Corruptor needs to use money to secure or perhaps expand their influence in certain sectors, departments or something else. Corruptee will then use the money he took for his own pleasure. (I mean you, BN scum.)

If people start pointing their fingers at these corruptors or corruptees, they will start to hide behind their race or perhaps religion, accusing those people as racist or whatnot. Then their supporters will create all kinds of hoohaa and threaten to kill us as we killed their entire family or something else. Sounds familiar? Yes, because that is their style of politics!

I call it the politics of race and religion. It is the most primitive type of politics in our country or in any country.

What about morality? Is it really important to put emphasis on morality in a government? If it was in the past, then no. There was only a small group of people that were really concerned with morality in those times. Why? At that time, the Chinese and Muslims were busy inventing shit while the Europeans were busy killing each other (100BC).

Of course, times have changed. Civilizations changed, so do the people – so do their awareness of morality and human rights.

Morality has become more and more important. The slavery system in America was abolished by US president Abraham Lincoln. Less black people were discriminated and now we have the first black President, Barack Obama.

It is morality that changed a nation; it is morality that changed the world. Can politics and morality co-exist? I think they can.

We just need to change the direction of our politics. Too much emphasis on politicking, we will be doomed. Too much morality, we will also be doomed. But they must co-exist. We just need to find a balance.

I call this modern politics.


We just need to change.

Of course, this is only my personal opinion. If somebody felt offended, sorry.