Inert body was dropped

By SV Singam

I am no forensic pathologist. And I have no access to the crime scene. I am merely one of those much maligned armchair commentators and the only evidence I have is the image of poor brother Teoh Beng Hock's body, lying there on the roof of what I guess to be the podium block.

But the evidence appears to be glaring!

1. THERE IS NO BLOOD! Even if Bro Teoh had hit some other part of the building on the way down and had been killed by that impact, his body would have reached the final resting point within seconds of the impact. Whether or not there were external injuries, there would certainly be internal injury and bleeding. Blood would have flowed out of his nose and mouth and, possibly, his ears. And the blood would only flow out from the body many seconds after the injuries occur, after the body had come to rest. There should be a pool of blood around his head. There is none! This is the most damning evidence.

2. The arms and legs appear to be undamaged. Had Bro Teoh been conscious when he was falling, he would most likely have been facing the ground and would have tried to stop the impact. His arms are likely to have broken at the elbows. His legs are likely to have been splayed out at awkward angles. Even if he had fallen backwards, his arms would have been splayed out and bounced into some unnatural angles. The body position shown in the photographs is too natural.

3. The tear in his trousers suggests to me that his body landed with the buttocks hanging downwards and the tear occurred at the point of impact. He dropped that way because his inert body was being held by arms and legs before being dropped.

Based on the above three points, I have to say that Bro Teoh was very likely already dead and his body was thrown down from a high floor to make it appear that the death was due to the fall.

Mischievous persons have tried to implicate triad involvement in this unfortunate death. But by hiding the truth and faking a forensic report, the authorities are only condemning themselves and their associates in crime.

Najib's Barisan Nasional government and their crony institutions, the MACC, the PDRM and the Ministry of Health have to bear full responsibility for this grisly act of manslaughter.