What keeps BN afloat?


BN is super rich after a lifetime holding the reign of the government. The leaders in UMNO are now lined with at least sons or son-in-law of previous Prime Ministers, creating a way for political dynasties. All of these sons and in laws are very well to do now. How do they became such?

Unfortunately the rakyat have minds of their own and they stand by their choice right from wrong (the irony is some UMNO supporters refuse to believe, try talking to them?). This has shaken UMNO after the last General Election. BN has lost in, as many by elections and this trend is getting very critical. Their worry now is not so much on how the country should be ruled, but thinking, will the dynasty break? 

UMNO is now trying hard to stay afloat even to the extent of enticing PAS on the pretext of Malay Unity. Tok Guru saw this clearly and managed to prevent the greed in human. 

As for Perak, BN has done away with justice; even the two assemblymen who faced corruption charges were taken into their fold just to make up their number. When will the duo be given trial in court? The power grab was spiced with the manhandling of the Speaker, how unbecoming! 

Where and what are the MACC doing for the duo promised made in a matter of days when they were still in PKR, compare again with speed they did that led to the death of Teo Beng Hock?

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