What exactly is in the mind of those MACC chiefs?

By Guan Sin

While the rage in Malaysians seem to intensify each passing day on the tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock at MACC Selangor HQ, I start to wonder what exactly is in the mind of those MACC chiefs.

I am sure most of them are parent, like I do, which make the tragedy even sadder – for his parents, the grief of such tragic death is not anything to bear; for his unborn child, the absence of a father from birth has a long and cruel impact to the child’s life. Given the circumstances leading to his death (that he was called in by MACC as a witness, not a party or suspect, to an ongoing investigation), I simply can’t bear to think and accept what had happened.

Peter Ooi wrote a very powerful letter to Malaysiakini, and I quote it here:

I am saddened by the tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock and, my most heartfelt condolence goes to his loved ones. It must be a trying time for them. But I want to ‘congratulate the ‘MACC for their thorough investigation of those opposition excos.

I do not condone corruption. Corrupted officers, be they from BN or Pakatan Rakyat, must be weeded out and no effort must be spared in the effort.

The only question troubling my poor mind is that apparently MACC is very enthusiastic in investigating cases involving the opposition. My perception of the body is that when it involves the ruling parties, probes fizzle out.

The latest revelation of a former MB (GS: he refers to Khir Toyo) owning a palatial home did very little to stir their enthusiasm. Do questions like how he, a mere wage earner, can own such an expensive mansion – one fit for a king – really matter to them? And as many have asked, did the Inland Revenue Board investigate his income?

Did they investigate politicians found guilty of money politics by their own party ? Or maybe the MACC lacked capable officers to do the job.

Has it started seriously investing the PKFZ scandal? Hey, this involves billion of our money and we expect big guys are involved and let us hope ikan bilis are not made the sacrificial lambs here.
I like to remind the MACC, it is funded by all of us, taxpayers. Hence it has to act impartially. Whether the accused is from BN or Pakatan, all deserve the same degree of attention.

Maybe I am wrong. If so, kindly furnish us with details of the prosecution successes of so many high-profile cases where even a donkey can sense wrongdoing.

So why such obvious double standards that even idiots can understand? What are those MACC chiefs thinking? I would venture to say that the case of Khir Toyo provides us the hints. After losing his state government by a great surprise in 2008, the dentist continues to move on to a life fitting a king. That’s not a loser’s life. It is impossible that he could have pulled so many teeth from his patients since then to afford him the palace.

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