Let Teoh Beng Hock be our Guiding Star

By Tan Mei Ling

I am shocked and made speechless by the death of Mr Teoh, a fellow Malaysian. I am trying to picture myself in his fiancée's shoes, ready to be married, expecting a child and suddenly he is dead. I don’t know him but when I look at what happened, I wonder if there is any certainty to life in Malaysia.     

There is certainty if the government can be trusted to administer with transparency and accountability and give us the public the truth. Frankly, what are the chances of this happening because the police will do its own investigation and protect the MACC rather than shedding the truth to the public.

There is no truth in this government. The truth is only available if these civil servants have some conscience. From past experience, we the public know that truth will never surface as everyone is always looking after someone’s back. In this instance, Mr Teoh died for being a truthful and a law abiding citizen. Yet today, the government is trying to hide the truth through their power and their spinmasters.

Mr Teoh paid a heavy price for being truthful. His death should not be in vain but should motivate us to rise as one for the truth in Malaysia. Let us see Mr Teoh as our guiding star to reveal the truth. Let us unite and seek the truth on what actually happened to him in the wee hours of the morning. Let us do our own research and trace back every moment, ask all the questions rather than depending on the MACC or the police to unearth their truth.

For example, it is not a flat or a condominium; it is a commercial building. If there was a window, then most likely it was closed as the air conditioning will be on. Where is the pantry; which floor; where was he seen sleeping. Was it on the 14th Floor or somewhere else? I understand that the interrogation was done on the 14th floor. If the pantry was somewhere else, then why did go back to the 14th Floor. Read the answer by MACC director of investigation Datuk Mohd Shukri Abdul and the statement given by Klang Municipal Councillor Tan Boon Wah.

About the windows on the 14th Floor – where were they positioned? What does he have to pass through to get out the windows? Which areas must he pass through before getting to those windows? Most times the common seating areas where they have the settee are without windows and it is usually the officers' rooms that have windows in a commercial building.  

Then, what about the torn pants of the deceased? What is the justification? Mr Teoh tore his own pants?   

We, the public need to get at the nitty-gritty details to find the truth. We let Kugan slip by, let’s not let Teoh’s death slip by us. We need to establish the truth or the government will continue to hoodwink us.