The suspicious death of DAP’s Teoh and the MACC

For months, Pakatan politicians have complained of harassment from the Umno-BN as they try their utmost to re-take the five states that Malaysians chose to give to the PKR, the DAP and PAS.

By Wong Choon Mei, Suara Keadilan

The suspicious death of Teoh Beng Hock, the political aide of DAP MP for Seri Kembangan Ean Yong Hian Wah, has left the party and its coalition partners PKR and PAS speechless with indignation and sorrow.

For Beng Hock was just a youngster and due to get married on Friday. A 30-year old former Sin Chew journalist , he was well known and well-liked by his boss and his colleagues.

Sadly, this afternoon, he was found dead, his body sprawled in a pool of blood on the roof of an adjoining building next to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s building.

In a press conference held just hours ago, the MACC stressed that Beng Hock was NOT a suspect. According to investigation division director Shukri Abdull, he was merely a witness to the investigation.

Yet, the MACC grilled him mercilessly from 5pm on Wednesday till 3.45am on Thursday morning.

The MACC also said they released him soon after that but it was Beng Hock himself who wanted to rest in their office.

He also promised to return later in the day with some documents and then went off to catch a nap on a settee in the MACC lobby. The last time anyone saw him was at 6am when he was still asleep on that settee in the MACC lobby.

After that, the graft-buster said no one knew anything until he was found dead around 1.30pm, still dressed in the black jacket, blue shirt and white pants he had worn the day before.

So what happened then? Did he jump? Would he and what for? Was he pushed then? Why and to cover what?

The Selangor police – yes those guys famed for the Kugan Ananthan brutality  – are now in charge of Beng Hock’s case.

Time for someone to take responsibility

It really is time for us to stop. Just stop, take a deep breath and look at the sort of people leading this country now.

It is time for us to ask questions and demand answers. It is also time for us to make sure we get real answers.

For months, Pakatan politicians have complained of harassment from the Umno-BN as they try their utmost to re-take the five states that Malaysians chose to give to the PKR, the DAP and PAS.

Just a few days ago, Teresa Kok and Eli Wong held a press conference to sound out what was happening to seven Selangor assemblymen of Chinese origin.

And just a day ago, Beng Hock’s boss Ean and Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San held another press conference – again to complain about the MACC’s arrogance, this time in storming their service centres.

After all, is it not outright bullying and sheer abuse of power to make a great show of raiding an elected rep’s office without clearly stating a motive.

Won’t the public start to think some thing is wrong or that they may be involved in corrupt activities after all? But then again, isn’t this the MACC’s real motive?

Whatever it is,  what’s for sure is that Pakatan lawmakers won’t let this case go. They will fight for Beng Hock as they fought for Kugan and all the others who died mysteriously – the victims of a vindictive Umno-BN government.

Racism not only ruins lives, it can kill

Pakatan should also not waste time. They should zero in on the person most responsible – Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Not only because he has to be responsible because he is the PM. But also because he is the Selangor Umno chief and has promised to topple the Selangor Pakatan.

And the Beng Hock tragedy is a clear-cut by-product of this ambition.

Just as his attack against the Perak Pakatan reeked of racism, the same sort of race-based modus operandi was being ruthlessly and unscrupulously pursued in Selangor. Now, it has also yielded the same sort of disastrous results.

As they say an eye for eye and a life for a life. Can Najib – with all his stocked-up wealth – give Beng Hock back his life, his parents their son, his siblings their brother and his fiancee her husband?

It is so difficult to get justice in Malaysia. Perhaps, Beng Hock should pay him a visit!

For someone must be held accountable, who if not the head honcho himself!

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Suara Keadilan appends below comments sourced from various media on Beng Hock’s tragic death:


Ramon Navaratnam, chairman of the MACC panel for consultation and prevention
A life has been taken. This is most regrettable. As chairman of the panel of consultation and prevention in the MACC, I am deeply distressed by the circumstances that led to Teoh’s death.

Malaysians must be able to have confidence in the procedures and methods used in the interrogation process. Definitely, a full and independent inquiry must be held and the soonest too.

The MACC must also answer why Teoh was interrogated for such long hours if he was just a witness. The fact that they took one group of entirely one race for questioning also indicates their lack sensitivity to the Malaysian multi-racial society.

At the end of the day, the MACC must come clean and publicly disclose what they were doing with Teoh. It is unfair and there is also no reason for him to die under a cloud of suspicion if there was none in the first place.

Lim Kit Siang, DAP adviser
No one in his right senses will imagine to commit suicide a day before he is slated to be married. MACC’s reputation is at an all time low. It must satisfy Teo’s family and the public that there was no foul play or abuse involved.

Is there now the first case of death in custody, not police but MACC? If so, heads must roll! What has this country come to?

Lim Guan Eng, DAP secretary-general
MACC should stop its political persecution of PR, especially DAP leaders and members, that does not serve the interest of fighting corruption or justice. Such political games have caused the loss of life of a bright young idealistic DAP member.

There must be a full investigation on how he died. Unless MACC can clear its name, the public may suspect that Teoh was mistreated and MACC had a hand in his sudden death. There must be full transparency and accountability. DAP extends its condolences to Teoh’s family for this tragic loss and assures them that all steps will be taken to ensure that the culprits or those responsible be punished.

Tian Chua, PKR strategic affairs director
This tragedy was born out of the witch hunt by MACC against Selangor Pakatan government. Secondly, there is clear negligence – if not an outright frame-up – by the MACC in causing Beng Hock’s death. Thirdly, there must be an independent inquiry into his death. That much, Malaysians must insist on.

We are also aware that certain sections of the authorities are trying to implicate Pakatan Rakyat for being involved in corruption or misuses of power. This is definitely part of a bigger conspiracy. We must act firmly against the devious attack.

M Manoharan, Kota Alam Shah assemblyman who was also Beng Hock’s lawyer
He was happy and looked composed. I had advised him how to handle the interrogation as I was not allowed in during questioning.

Ean Yong, Seri Kembangan assemblyman
He was going to get married, why would he want to commit suicide. He looked calm. Before he went to the MACC office, Manoharan and myself talked to him about how to answer the questions.

If there was any problems, I should be the one to face action. I don’t see any reason for him to commit suicide. Furthermore, there was no reason for him to linger (after the interrogation) because his car was here.

Elizabeth Wong, Bukt Lanjan assemblyman
This tragic incident is another reminder of the recklessness of supposedly public institutions like the MACC in pursuing the goals of their political masters. Even the police stops interrogating suspects at 6pm.

Did the MACC think it holds powers greater than the PDRM when it interrogated Teoh from 5pm to 4am the next day? Datuk Mohd Shukri should save whatever honour he and the MACC have left by resigning.

Shukri Abdull, MACC investigation division director
The man was asked to come to Selangor MACC last night at 5pm for his statement to be recorded and this procedure was completed at 3.45am. At 3.45am, he was allowed to leave, he promised to come today to bring some documents to assist in the investigations.

At 6am, he was still seen to be sleeping at the couch but we didn’t see him until 1.30pm today when the body was found.

Nazri Aziz, Umno Minister in PM’s Department
I was informed by MACC earlier that he was released. Then he should have gone home. How would we know that he would jump out of the building?

Don’t just accuse MACC of being responsible for this. If they keep accusing them and their statements are made public, the people would form their opinions even before the investigation is completed.

S Arutchelvan, Parti Sosialis Malaysia secretary-general
Since Teo was taken to the MACC headquarters for questioning, it is very clear that he was under the custody of the commission. It is therefore clear that MACC is responsible for the death of Teo as it failed to safeguard him. MACC must now face the facts and be held responsible.