The Last Seven Hours in Teo Beng Hock’s Life

After taking Perak with a coup, Barisan Nasional will want Selangor because the longer Pakatan keeps it, the more politicians of the latter might show what they can do, and hopefully do well. The question Barisan therefore has to ask is, how? Possible answers: defections, resignations, legal and procedural intimidations, harassment and aggravations.

Timeline in Teo Beng Hock’s Death: Wed., July 15 to Thu., July 16, 2009.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

12:30 – MACC team of 6 raids Seri Kembangan’s DAP service center of Ean Yong Hian Wah, while Ean Yong was at the Selangor State Legislative Assembly in Shah Alam.

DK? – MACC team (same team?) arrives in Shah Alam offices of the Selangor State secretariat (while Ean Yong was still at legislative building?)

15:45 – MACC team (same team?) exits Shah Alam secretariat offices after raid on Ean Yong office (only his office?).

15:55 – MACC team returns to Shah Alam secretariat office of Ean Yong. Takes away Teo away (only Teo?), with laptop (belonging to Teo?) and PC (belonging to?). M Manoharan went with Teo as counsel.

DK? – Teo, with Mano, and MACC team arrive in MACC office in Plaza Masalam.

19:00 – Last seen by (among DAP people?) Mano at MACC office.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

03:45 – MACC completes statement from Teo, who was then released (physically? or, on paper only?) by MACC.

06:00 – Teo seen by MACC officers asleep in a couch (or chair?) in room on 14thFloor tower bldg of Plaza Masalam (and couch/chair is beside a window?).

13:30 – Teo’s body found (by whom? janitor?) on the podium rooftop of Plaza Masalam (at spot perpendicularly below the window of 14Fl room?).

15:00 – Ean Yong, told by reporters of Teo’s death, arrives at Plaza Masalam; denied access to see Teo (had the police arrive?).

16:00 – Ronnie Liu arrives at Plaza. With Ean Yong makes his way into MACC (why, if the body is outside MACC?).

16:00 – Police summons pathologists to scene (this is new and unusual) and to inspect body.

17:00 – Shukri Abdul, director of investigations, MACC, announces Teo’s death in press conference (had MACC notified kin, friends, colleagues then?).

21:00 – Teo’s body removed (from where?) to hospital TARH.

[The factual accounts are multiple-sourced. Numerous written accounts, from Malaysiakini for example, are ignored because they read suspicious, even fallacious. Example: “he was believed (by whom?) to have jumped (jumping is arrived at not by “belief” but by witness of an act of volition) from the 14th floor (the 14Fl? who saw it?) of the tower block (a “block” is an independent, stand alone piece of building; Plaza Masalam where MACC has offices is a complex, with an office tower on top a podium, typical of Malaysian construction that puts office above retail/commercial activities)].