No sign of committing suicide!

By Kadayan Journal

News was pouring into Malaysia Today I read every sentence found in every article. I couldn’t sleep. I felt numb till morning. I tried writing my thought on my bed using my little computer but actually the thought in mind and fingers doing the writing didn’t synchronise properly. 

MACC is responsible until they can prove they are not, under the law of tort while in their premises invited by them. He was under their custody.

Not to indulge in law, I’ m grasping for logic. How did he die? Jumped down? Why did he jump? A few of those knew him  said no sign of him likely to commit suicide. Why comminting suicide when he due to get married today? 

Interrogation till wee hours if he was not a suspect was it not beyond or within the power of MACC? 

Now the mist shrouding our public institutions like MACC, Police, SPR and Judiciary is no small matter. They have been long viewed as machineries to suppress anyone consider against the view of the government. Say no, but in people’s (some) mind not easily erasable with the continue chain of events.

They are people prepared even to kill for the sake of maintaining their status quos and to continue walking tall in the corridor of power! 

Opposition leaders are the main targets. These people may act beyond comprehension to some but do they have to be killed?

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