Listen to RPK, Please!

By Vetrivel

I'm disheartened while writing this as in the process of progress our country is heading towards chaos. The death of Teoh Beng Hock is enough to start this chaos. Teoh didnt deserve it, Kugan didnt deserve it.

Teoh is the new Kugan, who will be next?

Many Malaysians were jubilant when the 2-party-like system emerged after the March 2008 elections. All they were aiming for was to deny BN their 2/3 majority. But, like a blessing in disguise, 5 states were won by the opposition.

What seemed to be a blessing has turned out to be a nightmare; for had the opposition won at the federal level, we would not be seeing such troubling times in Malaysia. Since Day 1 BN has gone into sabotage mode to destabalize each state and successfully destructed the Perak state government.
If Pakatan Rakyat is still not alert enough, next to fall would be Selangor & Penang said RPK. But nobody listens to RPK, he is just a fugitive in exile! Alas, one by one RPK's predictions has come true – including the fall of the Perak state goverment. Just take a look at other predictions by RPK. Oh, maybe predictions are too vague. Then let's look at the numerous statutory declarations, letters, faxes, mails and documents that RPK has provided in his website on the wrongdoings of those in the corridors of power!
BN is hellbent on politicking and using every single opportunity to wage war and make mountains out of molehills in each crack of Pakatan Rakyat. Just look at the issues since March 2008. Malaysians have been bombarded with explosive news each week. The political lanscape changes each day in the country.
The squabbling Pakatan Rakyat MPs and ADUNs and even PAS kissing UMNO at this point does not help. The infighting is making PR crumble faster than Humpty Dumpty – once broken, there is no mending!
If BN cannot accept PR ruling the country or even any of the states and want to create unending troubles for them from governing, I suggest the PR politicians, wakil rakyats and MPs resign en masse and leave the entire country to the hands of BN. Let the tyrants rule without shedding blood. One death is enough.
How skillfully our Minister Nazri has proclaimed nobody should come to a conclusion on Teoh's death but he himself has concluded that Teoh jumped off the building. Now what makes Nazri come to that conclusion? RPK thinks otherwise. In his latest writing, THE WRITING WAS ON THE WALL SO LONG AGO (, he has furnished details of previous MACC methods and abuses akin to the Nazi Gestapo. Is anyone reading what he says?
Are we just going to stand by and let more deaths come in the progress of politics?
We know this line of questioning of all 36 PR ADUN is to find fault with the current Selangor goverment. So what level are they willing to go to destabalize the goverment? Is the death of a person deemed worthwhile to capture power? What interrogation methods goes on from 7pm to 4am in the morning, especially on the eve of the wedding day of a person? All these allegations will be stains on the MACC which avoids investigating politicians like Koh Tsu Koon, Samy Vellu & Khir Toyo. We do not want to hear another sudden death 'water in the lungs' type of answer – we know that is not the truth. So please spare the drama and form a commission to investigate.
On the other hand, the Goverment or PR must form an Ombudsman to go through all the details given in RPK's website and bring the cases to court. Why the inaction? We didn't elect you to be inactive!
Go read Malaysia Today!