heads must roll

By Again, I

Something is wrong with that picture.

The police is "Polis Forensik", indicating that it happened in Malaysia. Malaysia pun Boleh!
The location is at Plaza Masalam, the same building that placed MACC Hq.
And they way his body landed sideways, his hands bracing for a fall.
Theories may appear, but conscience tells us this is definitely not suicide.

Why would someone who is not a suspect jump off from a building after the MACC's questioning?
Why would someone "stay back" at the HQ after the questioning?
Why is the MACC questioning session ended at 3 am? (police pun sampai pukul 6 petang je tau?)
Why is the long gap between the when the body was found at 1 pm and when he was released at 3 am?

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