Deaths in Malaysia

By  Raj Kumar Krishnasamy

Like many of you, I read the news of Mr.Teoh with so much anger and frustration. He should not have died that way. He was just at the brink of a new life. He had someone waiting for him, he had his parents thinking about him, he had friends who shared common thoughts with him. He was not a street criminal, he was not a person with countless criminal records. He was serving the public through his employment with YB Ean. Yet, why did he end up dead like this?

Many questions pop up when I read about the death of Mr.Teoh. Why was he interrogated till 3.45am in the morning? What was the case about? I know even murder suspects do not get interrogated like this. In fact, they get released in the middle of the night and one even got a high ranking government job after that. In this case, was it because Mr.Teoh was with an opposition ADUN?

And why would someone want to sleep in the MACC office after being interrogated when he had his car right below? Wouldn't he want to call his fiancee or his boss or friends? What happened to his phone? If he was too tired or weak, shouldn't the officer at MACC help Mr.Teoh call his boss? Instead, they allowed him to sleep on the couch? I find the story a bit hard to swallow.

Again, I am sure we will go through the same process, where people will make noise and the police will drag or postpone the case till everyone forgets about it. Then little by little, whatever evidence will go missing. The suspects (if there are any) will get away free. Finally, police will come up and say that there are no suspects and the police have done a very satisfactory job.

First of all, how can the police be trusted to investigate another agency when the police themselves have such a poor record of solving crimes? Just look at the unsolved cases in the last 2 years (please don't see further than 2 years or you will be utterly disgusted). There are tonnes of them unsolved or closed under very shady circumstances. Moreover, police and MACC reports to the same boss. The police must be free from all forms of ties to the suspects. That is why we need the IPCMC. Now who is going to investigate the MACC? Can we trust our police to do it? How would we know that the police did a "great" job? How would we know that the police did not cover up? How can we even believe a single word that comes out from the police when all their actions have been questionable? 

I hope all the leaders will get to the very bottom of this case. Please do not let the police lie to us anymore.