Death of Comrade Teoh Beng Hock – 3 Questions for MACC

By DAP Cawangan Jalan Tembikai

Our Comrade Teoh Beng Hock was found dead in MACC HQ at Plaza Wasalam in Shah Alam yesterday afternoon. He was brought in to assist in investigation the day before and was questioned from 6pm to 4am.

3 questions for MACC:

1. Why the accelerated speed to investigate Selangor PR reps when there were obvious foul-play last year when BN reps spent upto 90% of their RM500k allocation in TWO months, that’s spending RM7.5k/day. This is not even mentioning the PNSB-Balkis and Disneyland spendings and the Istana Khir issues. Is there a double-standard by MACC in dealing with PR and BN leaders?

2. Why was Comrade Teoh questioned by MACC from 6pm to 4am, almost 10 hours throughout the night despite clarification by MACC investigation director Shukri Abdul that he was being brought in as a witness in investigation and not being probed himself?

3. Why was Comrade Teoh’s body not allowed access for a couple of hours by PR leaders who arrived at MACC HQ after being notified?

The circumstances surrounding Comrade Teoh’s death were odd. He was planning to register for marriage today and had no reason to commit suicide as some parties had suggested. MACC and PDRM must immediately conduct a thorough investigation including allowing an independant autopsy on Comrade Teoh and suspending the MACC investigation officer who questioned Comrade Teoh. MACC must prove beyond doubt that there is no foul-play in Comrade Teoh’s death or they will forever suffer the lost of whatever reputation they still have. The Prime Minister under whose department MACC was located has once again failed Malaysians by allowing yet another death-in-custody case to happen, if it is proven that this was the case of Comrade Teoh’s death.

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