I see stupid people. They are everywhere. And they don’t know that they are stupid

By Simon Templar

We in Malaysia have to put up with stupidity on a daily basis.

That's a strong statement. 

First things first, no one has the right to call anyone else stupid (straight at the face at the very least). But sometimes, referring to someone else as 'stupid' is not insulting the person but merely describing the action performed by that person. And a person who does something stupid is a stupid person. This is English. How else can we refer to this person. The stupidor? Or stupider? No, it's a stupid person.

Malaysia has many people who do stupid things. It's not our culture to do stupid things for sure, but the frequent occurrences cannot be explained. Stupid acts are abundance in Malaysia. Here are but some stupid acts done on a daily basis nationwide.

Crossing the highway on foot. Not roads, highway. NKVE, LDP, SPRINT etc. If you jaywalk at Jalan Bukit Bintang with care, that's still reasonably acceptable even though the overhead bridge is just 10 meters away. We know of many overhead bridges which are not well located. But running across highways with cars traveling at top speed is plain stupid. And we get this on a daily basis in Malaysia.

Riding a motorcycle 'superman' style. No prizes for guessing the culprits. Your mother went through a whole lot of pain over 9 months plus a crazy-as-hell-non-stop-cursing labour and you try to show off to your mates by doing a superman and placing your blardie life at extreme high risk. All it takes is a rock on the road and you can say hello to Death himself. Our mat ramp-its put all X-Gamers to shame I tell you. This is not a silly act. This is plain stupid. And of course this is again a nightly routine in all major roads in Klang Valley. I don't know about the rest of Malaysia though.

And here are something closer to home, stupidity seen from my eyes.

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