Penang Chinese Chambers of Commerce throws in veiled threat to the state on Kg Buah Pala issue

Tan Sri Dato’ Tan Kok Ping has issued a veiled threat on the state government basically implying that they should just kick out those residents in Kg Buah Pala.

For those who “mudah lupa”, this guy is the same guy who is closely linked to the Berjaya Group, i.e., you know who our infamous Vincent Tan is by now. (See below)

Does this not sound too fishy that that suddenly the lackey for BN is now in full support of LGE and gang or that they just decided to be fair? If so then what happened to all the other Chambers of Commerce, what is their reaction? when even the Penang Heritage Trust is for the conservation of Kg Buah Pala? Doesn’t his statement sounds like, looks like what LGE has been saying. I told you so, there are many underhand tactics for the perception of the public to ensure that that the Kg Buah Pala residents are deprived of their home and their livelihoods no matter what the facts or truth is.  

Suddenly a lackey for BN is the ball player/carrier for what the DAP government stands for. Such incidental coincidence can only happen in Malaysia in the interest of political survival and only Malaysians will not be able to see through the treachery of politics whether it is BN or Pakatan against public interest.   

Guan Eng is threading in thin water by using populist attempts to hoodwink the people for the benefit of the developers. What should have been done since he took office over the last 15 months is to investigate on the fraudulent land transfer seems to have taken a back stage to appease what the developer needs and why the residents need to comply with. This of course is because it is merely some poor and defenceless Indians, how do they matter in the equation of Malaysian when the public will only listen to Guan Eng and what he has to say.   

Dear Guan Eng, why do you keep shelving or evading the real issue on the fraudulent land transfer to the extent that you would use a BN lackey to sway public perception? When HINDRAF fought for the poor and defenceless, you use your spinmasters to picture them as racist, troublemakers and probably on cohort with BN yet you silently and discreetly work with BN lackey to issue such statements for public perception. So who is the traitor to the public interest and attempt to create false perception against the residents of Kg Buah Pala and HINDRAF? Is it them or you?         

Yes Guan Eng, you are so transparent in your approach because it is obvious that you fight for your political survival but fail to ensure that the public that trusted that you will do all that is fair and just for them no matter how insignificant they are.          

Welcome to the revamped BN in the form of DAP. It is still not too late for you Guan Eng, do what is right and just through your action as the Chief Minister of Penang for the poor and defenceless rather than politicking for your own political survival.    

Wong Mung Chee

[email protected]