PAS has to decide: Stay in PR or vacate and marry Umno

( – The PAS must leave the PR or shut the door completely regarding the 'unity' talks with the Umno, said an expert who spoke to right after the Manek Urai election results were announced on national television.

The PAS may have won the seat but the small margin of victory indicates that the Umno has now become stronger than it was in 2008 thanks to the strong division within the Party Islam. This also indicates that the Umno will continue to chase the PAS around, wooing President Hadi Awang and Deputy President Nasaruddin Mat Esa to bring the PAS to join the Umno in the Barisan National (BN) government, said our local expert.

The Umno has made it clear and made it publicly known that it want the PAS. Despite the slim victory for the PAS in Manek Urai, the Umno has now been given a temporary blank cheque to woo the PAS further to leave the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition and to join the BN, said the expert.

He added that the PAS should probably decide soon whether it want to remain in the PR or join the BN and this despite the huge division that has been created by the proposal for the 'unity' talks with the Umno by a strong advocate of a re-union of the party with the its old foe.