PPSMI- A Pro Choice Argument

By CruzinThots

The Govt has once again flip-flopped, so "suffer the children" now. Muhyiddin was conveniently made to be the fall-guy for this predetermined decision to bring about this populist decision – while Mr. PM's cousin, Mr. Chris, sits pretty with the HM and his "reformist" rhetoric.

What I don't understand is why we need to be so rigid in our ways – every aspect of our life seems to be decided by the Govt who insists on a "Nanny State". Why can't they provide us with an option? What have they got against dual streaming in National schools? Is it the same rhetoric that they used against the noble La Salle teaching tradition/schools?

They appear not to recognize the need for the freedom to choose as individuals, and we are dictated to on every matter. They people are regarded as incapable of making decisions for themselves, and treated as such. This allows them to control the masses with great ease, and indoctrinate the masses to their liking. It is this creeping paralysis of thought that the Govt desires, so that they can impose their will upon the people through a dictatorship that masquerades as a democracy.

The Govt conveniently absolves itself of the duty to provide for the quality education for the general public – as that which was accorded to them in their (the politicians) days as students. It in turn transfers that role to the mushrooming private sector, who now cater to only those who can pay premium fees for quality, world-class education (read "International Schools").

What could go so terribly wrong if we had an English-medium as a safety-net, to ascertain that we aren't left behind, together with Malay-medium for those who intend to protect the viability and progress of BM as a language for communication, science and technology? Just as they intend to enhance the teaching of English in the currently Malay-medium schools, they could do the same with the English-medium which we could have.

Nobody loses, and everybody is happy – and market forces will determine that the less competitive schools become less popular, while those obsessed with their cultural heritage have that option to indulge themselves.

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