PAS wins

According to Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider, PAS has won the Manek Urai seat but by a small margin. Stay tuned for more.

limkitsiang: Official: Manek Urai – PAS 5.348; Umno 5,283, majority, 65. Slim.
insider_latest: MANEK URAI – BN won 5 out of 9 districts in the close fight.

CarolHong: Official results, Manek Urai PAS, 5.348; Umno 5,283, majority, 65. Margin: 0.61%
insider_latest: MANEK URAI – PAS wins with 5,348 against Umno 5,283. Majority is 65.


insider_latest: MANEK URAI – PAS has so far won 3 out of 7 polling districts thus far. There is 9 in the constituency. Malaysiakini has PAS winning by only 64 votes.