Hooray! Najib’s people friendly actions and we are saved!

So what goodies are we suppose to be deliriously happy about?

By Lee Wee Tak

> a 20% toll discount for frequent users who pay toll 80 times a month or more via the Smart Tag or Touch ’n Go, effective Sept 1;

Peanuts are better than nothing. You have to spend RM2,500 a month on toll then you get RM500, enough to pay for your kancil installment. Under the lopsided toll agreement, YAB, does the people, er…government has to compensate the toll companies if the discounts resulting in profits less than the guaranteed amount?

What about the KL-Seremban Toll? In early 1980's the toll rate was about RM1.20 if I remember correctly and now it is a whopping RM7.20? What kind of a business model you call that?

Why the 80 times, reward for frequent users no doubt but what about those who are crammed into LRT and buses? The majority of the poor with motorcycles, bicycles or on their own feet who would cut down traveling and avoid toll roads would not get anything out of it. Would this toll reduce significantly the cost of transport of all goods and services?

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