Azmin continues attacking Selangor government

(The Malaysian Insider) SHAH ALAM, July 13 – PKR’s Azmin Ali today continued his tirade against the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government today, trading barbs with senior executive councillor Teresa Kok during debates at the state legislative assembly.

The Bukit Antarabangsa state lawmaker made a call for the state executive council to be reshuffled last week after lamenting their dismal performance, ruffling the feathers of his party colleagues in the state administration.

Kok, who was winding up debates in the assembly, pointed out that 77 per cent of people who responded to an NTV 7 poll on Friday night said they opposed the move to reshuffle the state Cabinet and were satisfied with the present state government.

Azmin, who got up to speak, became agitated. He lashed out at the Kinrara lawmaker for hitting out at him only at the end of her debate, depriving him of an opportunity to respond.

He cited press reports in which Kok had been quoted as questioning his conduct last week and said it was unfair that she was not willing to take him on in the assembly.

The PKR whip said he was merely voicing out the conscience of the majority by pointing out the shortcomings of the state government during debates at the legislative assembly last week.

“I am the backbencher chief and not a yes-men like those in the Barisan National (BN) and Umno.” he said in his outburst and only sat down after Speaker Teng Chang Khim reminded him that he would have other opportunities to raise his grouses.

Earlier, during a press conference, Azmin refused to confirm or deny if he was after the job of mentri besar.

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