The Four Letter ‘F’ Word

By G. Krishnan

Ever since Najib’s ‘1Malaysia’ slogan was unleashed, there has been nothing but confusion about exactly what it represents and how this slogan is to translate into practical and tangible goals. Of course the notion that Najib’s BN will prioritise building ‘1Malaysia’ by implication means we’re not currently one Malaysia! And has it ever dawned on Najib and his spin doctors exactly who the obvious culprit might be for the failure of create ‘1Malaysia’ after decades of BN monopoly on power?

And speaking of slogans, did his spin doctors really think the country needed another slogan? I must say, it’s incredibly disappointing that Najib’s spinners not only saw the need for a slogan as pathetic as all ones we’ve seen from previous BN governments, but that they could not see through the fact the people have really caught on to the fact that these slogans have been and are exactly that – slogans. Surely, these people could have seen the simple fact that the rakyat has truly become sick and tired with propaganda slogans that go nowhere and insult our intelligence.

In this same vein, this transparently orchestrated unveiling of so-called populists measures to mark the first 100 days of the Najib reign and to project the PM as the people’s PM is getting about as much traction as a bald tyre on a lorry coming downhill on the Bentong highway on a rainy day. What a lame propaganda exercise. Come on you spin doctors, surely you can do better than pull out these pathetic stunts that are so transparent.

When all the ploys did not work to even give the Government a superficial face-saving in all the by-elections on the peninsular thus far, why do the PM’s spin doctors think that what they’ve been doing is working? If I didn’t know any better, I’d guess that these propaganda strategists appear to be taking their advise from Samy Vellu and his MIC's so-called ‘communication team.’

Oh, and just for the record, let me say that I truly loved the way the Government tried to spin the recent debacle of a policy shift on language and the teaching of maths and science. I especially got a huge kick from them trying to invoke that they had Mahathir’s blessings on the matter – only to have this spin back at them and end up as egg on their faces.