And the Moron of the Day award goes to….

By Niamah


……of Kg. Carok Bemban, Batu 42, Baling, Kedah who wrote, among other things, in his blog that school should be taught in Jawi and that people who speak English end up as maids!!! (And he uses Filipinas as examples. I see a career for this guy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)

If you are fearless you can go read his full blog here.

p/s if you read his bio you will know that this man sure can talk la. He don't "need" English and doesn't want any of his countrymen to have it (and become better than him maybe) either. BUT! This man received almost his entire education in English. Ashby Road (English) Primary School, Ipoh. King Edward VII Taiping. Maktab Tentera Di Raja, Sungai Besi. A-Levels in Pakuranga College, Bucklands Beach, Auckland, New Zealand and Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand 1982-1986.

Sorry. I meant to scare you just a little bit more but forgot just now. So here it is.

This guy is also the Member of Parliament for Kulim Bandar Bharu.