Pro PPSMI : Racists, hypocrites or just confused?

These people have no principle. If tomorrow the "great one" says, actually Mathematics and Science should be taught in Urdu or in Swahili, they will start a long posting and trying to obfuscate facts and contort their point view so as to agree with that of the "great one".


I like this comment. Its a comment obviously from a non-Malay who is wondering aloud how come the super-rabid Ultras (the type that froth at the mouth) suddenly talk so eloquently about PPSMI? And why suddenly the "No 1 UMNO Blogger", when asked to comment on PPSMI, starts hitting out on Chinese and other vernacular schools.

On one hand, these bloggers condemn efforts by the Prime Minister to make Malays more competitive, which is the only way in the history of mankind does any race progress over a long term basis, and on the other hand get so worked up, when the heart of the Malay race, i.e. the Malay language is preserved and enhanced through the abolishment of PPSMI which has proven to be a hinderance to the rural,poor children who are overwhelming Malay.

I get very confused. Furthemore, they will knock on vernacular schoolswhen talking about PPSMI? What does teaching Science and Maths in English have to do with vernacular schools? Its the national schools I thought these guys are supposed to be hot and bothered about.

But since they have brought this matter up, let me add my voice.