Why PPSMI had to go

Before I start, let me ask you does anybody know what the General Dynamics Electric Boat Division was up to on Oct 31, 1994. Probably you'll have no idea, and have no idea why is this relevant. It will be revealed later on.

Teaching Science and Mathematics in English is not a good idea – its a great idea.

My background is in engineering and finance. In either case, the technology changes rapidly, in the case for finance, not all change is for the better. Anyhow, the new opportunities are always where the new changes are. The old technology and way of doing things will always lead people in a disadvantage. Without the new technology and knowledge we will be left behind.

And most of the material is in English. In fact English is so well supported on the Internet that you can even translate a German, Arabic or French website into English. And if you are not sure of any word, all you have to do is type: define "the word" in Google's web browser. And if you follow the links provided, not only would you find a very clear explanation, can even hear how to pronounce the word correctly. In fact, things are so easy, that if you were to highlight a word on the New York Times electronic edition and double click it, you go straight to its meaning.

So with a firm grounding on English, students can learn a lot of new stuff very fast. In fact, for science, a whole vast of material is already available on line in websites like

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