Guan Eng, why do we vote for you? To govern justly & fairly or to be toyed around

You, Guan Eng have come with endless tales of intended sinuous perception with a mixture of fact and fiction in a piecemeal manner to appease everyone else except those desperate residents of Kg Buah Pala.

Your perception through your network of media and aides have portrayed everything that is against what is the truth for a just and fair cause that lies beneath the surface that is yet to be unfolded although it has been within your control for the last 15 months.

Let me give you several examples, first you said the rule of law, then you said that the previous government is to be  blame, then you say that the developer’s had offered $200,000 to the residents, moving on subsequently that  it is too costly for the state to acquire on an estimated cost of 30- 200 million and now you say that the state government will pay the compensation and claim it from the federal government.     

What is wrong with you Guan Eng, have you lost your nerve, as everything you keep saying being contradicted one way or rather for your inaction with the hope that the public will sympathize with you and you can be in control at least in Penang. Welcome to the world of politics.      

You state in your press conference “ Lim also said that it was "puzzling" why some of the villagers had refused to meet with him yesterday claiming that some of them may be influenced by outsiders”.

"I wish to appeal to the residents not to be manipulated by certain irresponsible parties but to come and meet me for a heart to heart talk," he said.

He pointed out that time was running out and residents should distinguish between the parties that are sincere wanting to help them out of their plight and those diverting attention from the real culprits.

So, are you telling me that you are intimidated and threaten the villagers that time is running out? Do you think that the villagers don’t know that they are fighting against an oppressive system even when the truth is with them? What is your game plan?     

Let me ask you this, why should you be so worried and concerned of outsider influence if you do what is right and truthful. Just tell me this. Do you think that we, the public are so stupid to digest the affairs in Kg Buah Pala or is it just the media platform that we will accept whatever you say without a question. If such is the case then, then that idiot Koh Tsu Koon should have continued as the Chief Minister.

No Guan Eng, we are not so stupid and naïve anymore, we are awaken for the truth and the transparency that should arise from you and your kuncu-kuncu rather than playing the blame game in the typical route of BN controlled government for the last 52 years.

What has happened to you Guan Eng, have you lost your mantle that you had believed in all this years when you would stand and fight for what is just and fair. The people irrespective of their origin at least in Penang had chosen you for your endeavor to uphold what is just and fair.

Guan Eng, you can’t please everyone nor expect to do so, but you must learn to do want is right and just even if it for an individual and here you have the power and authority to dictate the lives of 300 people in Kg Buah Pala if you chose to do so rather than deflecting it to appease the juicy tales for the media.

No Guan Eng, don’t make the fatal mistake of appeasing any segment but only what is fair and just for those who look to you to exercise what is fair and just under the detrimental circumstances that they are put it due to the past, present governance of your state government.

What had unfolded today in Kg Buah Pala is the malfeasance of the previous government. I am sure there are many more. It is not your fault but the fault of the public for trusting the BN government. Today, in Penang, you are the absolute power and do all that is possible to unearth this and fight as though it is your personal cause to ensure and protect them as well as you can rather than playing politics for the eye of the media.

Guan Eng, you are their soothsayer for what has been wronged by the will of the voters, correct it with your will and might to disable what is not fair and just and many will follow.  

I am neither in your position nor desire to be, but your position is temporary if you continue to defy what is the truth and rightful thing to do that is blinded for a cause against the humanity as it will eventually catch up with you whether you like it or not. Your father is synonymous for it, ask him. Get the jive, and move on rather than playing the blame game. 

For the record, I am a nobody, neither a plant, whistle blower, a Gerakan member, BN cohort nor whatsoever you may call. I am just a regular Malaysian who is saddened that everything that we do is drawn along the lines of everything else besides failing to recognize ourselves as a Malaysian, a truly empathetic society that is just and fair for our fellow brethren as we continue to fool ourselves against the flow of nature for the goodness that we have only if we can chose to be just and fair.          

Guan Eng, reality is what Kg Buah Pala residents face living in fear not knowing what tomorrow beholds so stop toying with them when you are empowered to do what is necessary rather than playing to the media game.   

As usual, you can reach me at [email protected] if you have an issue that concerns rightful and just governance rather than dancing with the wolves around you for your own selective reason or cause.