Will the REAL ABE UJI Stand Up?

By Zorro

DR HATTA, MP FOR KUALA KRAI, was good enough to arrange for Bloggers to have a face to face with MU calon, fondly called Abe Uji.

So, who is this 50 year old that PAS gave an unprecedented nod as candidate for this Manek Urai by-election.

Mohd Fauzi Abdullah is a successful fishmonger and wholesaler. He did not win this candidacy handsdown. He came thru a very unique PAS Kelantan “structure”. I emphasise PAS Kelantan because no other state PAS bodies employ this process-strategy. You will remember that Kulau Krai Parliamentary and State seats went to UMNO in the 2004 elections. Immediately identified individuals were appointed as “shadow assemblyman” and assigned their constituencies. Fauzi aka Abe Uji went through this process and must have done superbly well, in his own unassuming ways, to have won the unquestionable and unanimous support of the PAS Kelantan hierarchy.

Abe Uji is very well aware that he has to wear the mantle of the late and iconic Pak Su Weil (Ismail Yacob who did not contest in 2004). For PAS Kelantan to hand over this responsibility speaks volumes for this soft-spoken and not easily flustered Fauzi. He carries a certain calm with him and his answers to our questions came spontaneously, never abrasive, more mildly assertive rather than aggressive.