Rosmah: I am not going to be a Hillary Clinton

Honeymah Dylyani, Malaysian Mirror

“No, I am not going to be a Hillary Clinton”

Rosmah Mansor said she does not have the temperament to be like the US Secretary of State and wife of former US president Bill Clinton.

She added, however, that she will support the political cause of her husband, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.
rosmah-mansor-4.pngHer answer to our reporter’s question drew laughter among friends who joined her in a friendly badminton tournament among six women’s groups at the Royal Selangor Club here Wednesday. (photo right)
rosmah-najib-hillary.gifTaking a break from the matches, Rosmah sportingly spoke about her husband’s hopes and aspirations for all Malaysians, as enshrined in his ‘1Malaysia’ dream.
Asked about Najib’s first 100 days as prime minister, she replied: “As the wife of the prime minister, I will support him. It is the people who have to be asked this question.
“If you ask me, I will give a biased answer. But, the most important thing is the perception of the people of Malaysia. I want them to evaluate his values and accept PM Najib’s way of administration,” she said.

“As the First Lady, I can comment on other things but I do not want to get involved in policies and governing the country,” she stressed. First things first >Asked how she finds time in her hectic schedule between being a mother, wife, First Lady,  charity volunteer and playing her favorite sport, Rosmah said:

First things first

“I prioritise. There are many things that one can accomplish if one knows how to place first things first”.

“When I have to accompany the PM, I will accompany him. But when he takes time off from work and spend time for a holiday, I will make sure the family is really together and having a holiday” she grinned.
Regarding her organisation for the wives of ministers and deputy ministers, Bakti, she said a badminton tournament would be one of its activities and would start in early December in Negri Sembilan.
Besides badminton matches, the four-day event would also include bowling and a cultural programme.
“Such activities, which I hope could be implemented in all states, would help to promote wellness and a sense of togetherness among the wives of officials, from the grassroots up, in the Malaysian administration.”