Azmin calls for reshuffle of Selangor state exco

(The Star) – Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman Azmin Ali shocked the Selangor legislative assembly Thursday by calling for a reshuffle of the exco members.

“Maybe its time for the Mentri Besar to consider an exco reshuffle for the people to be served better,” he said.

Later in the evening after the proceedings ended, Azmin told a press conference he had put forward the suggestion to Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim due to the many complaints he had received from the people.

“I suggested to the Mentri Besar to reexamine the performance of the exco members as they play important roles in realising the states policies,” he said.

Azmin said there were several inadequacies in the manner certain things were carried out in the state.

“An example would be the appointment of local council councilors recently which should have been done in a better way given that the Selangor government emphasises on good governance, democracy, human rights and rule of law,” he said.

Azmin also said he had received many complaints from key business figures in the state that there was a lot of bureaucracy when it came to gaining approvals for commercial purposes.

He added the Selangor State Economic Council (MTES) had taken a prejudicial stance by investigating and punishing instead of facilitating the business.

He said MTES must not behave like a court of law but instead forge closer ties with the business community to ensure that the state enjoyed better economic growth.

“The revenue for the state (currently) is not what we had expected,” he said adding that an example would be the expected revenue from the sale of sand and minerals was nowhere near what Khalid had projected.

He added if an exco member could not perform based on these principles there was no point in them continuing.

He said that if his suggestion was accepted, the appointment of exco members must not be based on their party or race but their ability to carry out their work efficiently.

Meanwhile, when asked if Azmin had behaved like an opposition member rather than a Pakatan Rakyat member with his outburst, Khalid said this was the special facet of the coalition.

“Pakatan Rakyat allows for the differences in opinion and issues,” he said adding that Azmin had voiced the grievances of his constituents.

“We must now review ourselves and find out how best we can serve the people better,” he said.

Khalid said he and his exco members worked very closely together and effort must be put in to further strengthen teamwork.

DAP’s Ronnie Liew and Teresa Kok were the excos in charge of the state’s local council and investment respectively.