Will Manik Urai Pull A Surprise?

By Hantu Laut

After 20 years under PAS rule Kelantan is still underdeveloped and lagging behind other states.What has PAS or Nik Aziz, for that matter, done for Kelantan that made the Kelantanese so subservient to this wily old man at the expense of losing out to progress and development? Should the Kelantanese continue supporting this man who put more emphasis on the afterlife than the well-being of his subjects.

Islam is a religion that orders its followers to be part and parcel of a working and productive society.The Prophet Muhammad himself, who is considered a paragon of virtues in Islam, used to pray seeking God’s refuge from laziness or idleness.In his instructions to Muslims on this aspect, the Prophet Muhammad strikes a balance between worship and work.

For two decades Kelantan under PAS which should put equal amount of effort in work as in worship is still lagging behind other states.

In term of social and economic terms Kelantan is a far cry from the rest of the nation.Should the Kelantanese continue to wallow in their parochial pride and forsake progress and development?

There are many qualified and capable leaders in PAS but have not been able to come out to the forefront as a show of respect to the Tok Guru, who is revered by most Kelantanese.The recent disagreement about the unity talk between PAS and UMNO where Tok Guru prevailed in his objection is an example of his popularity in Kelantan.

It is a matter of time that the unity talk would be raised again by those who feel the Malays are losing grip of their political power after the 8 March General Elections and the continued onslaught by DAP and PKR to capture Putrajaya had made some leaders in PAS uncomfortable.With Malays divided between PAS and UMNO the biggest worry is PAS might end up playing second or third fiddle in Pakatan if they won the next general elections.

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