Police Escort for Wedding Car?

By Raj Kumar Krishnasamy

Referring to Police Escort for Wedding Car?

Crime rate has spiked so high that people are afraid to travel alone in certain towns, afraid of leaving notebooks in the car, afraid of snatch thefts. Has the police standard dropped so low that they have become security guards? I have always said police do a very good job running after or in front of VIP politicians' cars but they suck when it comes to solving crimes.

If this is the case, why do we need so many ranks in the police force? The police force should seriously rethink how to reuse their resources and stop telling us that they are short of staff. Have you ever seen a police car escorting a pregnant woman to hospital, or escort a father who ferries his children to school on a motorcycle? These people need police escorts more than the VIPs.

Why did the wedding car and politicians need police escorts? Is it because they will be late? If they would be late, why would they be late? Is it because the roads are narrow or full of potholes? If they feel they would be late, how about the public that has to use the same roads as them? Politicians should learn to solve traffic woes instead of using the police to bypass traffic. If they can't do that, then they should learn to face traffic like everyone else. If they are worried for their safety, why are they worried about their safety? Is it because many murderers and snatch thieves are running around town? Shouldn't the politicians do something to solve crime instead of using police like security guards? Or do the politicians have something to hide?

The police have become a joke in the public eye. It is common to hear about police corruption and lackadaisical attitudes. But it gets worse from year to year. Why does this happen? Does the police force have no shame or sense of responsibility? The ministers who should be asking the right questions are keeping quiet as long as the police play security guard for them. Who would keep the police in check? Who can we turn to for help? who can we depend for justice? VIP politicians or police?